Exporting / Importing

enaio® 10.10 »

The editor window can be used to import and export single scripts.

The 'Object search' area of enaio® client can be used to export and import events.

When selecting a user name in the 'Object search' area, the context menu will offer both Event export and Event import functions.


The event export creates a number of files: the assignments of object type and script are saved in an XML file. The actual scripts are individually exported.

Select the events to be exported and confirm the selection by clicking OK.

For the event import select the XML file containing the assignments and specify which events are meant to be imported. The scripts must be located in the same directory as the XML file.

Events assigned to enaio® client or enaio® webclient are flagged by an icon in the dialogs.

Users will be notified if scripts have already been assigned to the object types and can decide if they want to overwrite them.