Creating Mappings for enaio® coLab Object Types

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Folders you share in enaio® coLab may contain additional object types which can have properties for the info and title fields that are different from what you defined in enaio® coLab.

To ensure that the info and title fields are displayed correctly for other object types in enaio® coLab, add the mapping.yml mapping file in the following directory:


The sample mapping file mapping.yml shown below is located in the following directory:


1: #Project title: "Project ID + ' ' + Project name" info: "Project description" 6488065: #Project -> Project_other title: "Short text" info: "Type" 262144: #Project -> Project_document title: "Title" info: "Description" 393217: #Project -> Project_e-mail title: "'E-mail from : ' + MAIL_FROM + ', sent ' + MAIL_SUBMIT_TIME" info: "MAIL_SUBJECT"

The title field shown in the enaio® coLab front-end can be generated from an object’s index data. For instance, you can specify for the object type with the ID 1 that the title field is displayed as a concatenation of the Project ID and Project name fields (Project ID and Project name are the internal names of the fields in the object type).

In the example above, the info field in enaio® coLab is mapped directly to the Project description field of the object.

It is also possible to use the object type IDs in combination with field names when creating the mapping, as seen in the example of object type 393217 (Project_e-mail).