Starting enaio® coLab

enaio® coLab 10.10 »

After you have installed enaio® coLab, you can launch the application in one of two ways:

  • You can restart enaio® service-manager in the Windows Service management console. This ensures that all configurations are loaded properly. In the case of live systems, however, this may also lead to the system being down for up to five minutes.

  • To avoid system downtime, you can alternatively perform the following steps:

    1. Open the enaio® service-manager overview (<service-manager-admin-IP>:7273), select the ARGUS service, and click Details.

    2. Click the Swagger service URL in the Details menu.

    3. In the Swagger user interface, click generic-postable-mvc-endpoint, followed by /manage/refresh.

      ServiceWatcher reloads the configurations. When it detects that a new application has been added to servicewatcher-sw.yml, it is started by ServiceWatcher.