Health Check

enaio® mail-archive-service 10.10 »

enaio® mail-archive-service automatically performs a health check at startup.

The result is displayed in enaio® service-manager and can also be viewed via the Service Logs.

If the health check fails, then it is automatically repeated every 30 seconds.

The health check can be accessed while the service is running via the following URL: http://<service-manager>:8100/manage/health


The health check verifies the following:

  • The connection to the 'dms' service

  • The SMTP server status

  • The license for enaio® mail-archive-service: 'MAS' license

    The 'masLicense' section indicates whether a license is present. If no license is present, then 'DOWN' is displayed as the status.

  • Object Definition

    The 'dmsObjectModel' section contains information about errors in the object definition:

    • Missing folder or e-mail document type
    • Failed assignment of field types
    • Missing fields
    • Missing mandatory fields
    • Internal names used multiple times in the configuration
  • Mailbox connection

    The 'mailbox' section contains information about the connection to the Exchange mailbox.

    If the configuration is not valid and a connection cannot be established, then 'DOWN' is displayed as the status.

    If no mailbox is configured, then 'UP' is always displayed as the status.