enaio® appconnector

enaio® appconnector 10.10 »

enaio® appconnector is a core service of enaio®.

The core services are default components of enaio® and are required for operating the enaio® platform and the proper functioning of the individual enaio® components. As with all core services, access to enaio® appconnector is always over enaio® gateway.

enaio® appconnector, as a REST (Representation State Transfer) interface, enables resource-oriented, flexible HTTP access to index and document data in enaio®.

enaio® appconnector thus offers several application areas:

  • It can be deployed as the Details Preview for showing index data and other data in enaio® client and other external applications.
  • as a communications component, allowing enaio® webclient, enaio® webclient-app, and enaio® mobile structured access to enaio® server.
  • as an interface to mobile applications.

The OSRest API documentation can be found here.