Error Handling

enaio® capture 10.10 »

enaio® capture can only be executed if enaio® server and the database are running.

enaio® capture and the subprograms used have to be licensed at the workstations. A user processing batches has to have the right to start enaio® capture. A user creating configurations has to have the relevant right.

Configurations being edited are locked. If two users access a configuration at the same time, the configuration may be locked for all users. If this is the case, it has to be explicitly released by selecting Release on the START tab.

If errors occur during batch processing, the logs will contain all information on the cause of the error (see 'Logging').

Scanning errors occur if the scanner has not been configured properly. Recognition errors occur if the data source or the ODBC connection has not been configured properly. Import errors occur if no archive location has been assigned to documents. The error batch will then only contain the documents that could not be imported due to errors. You can change assignments or define AXVALID (see 'AXVALID') as the error handling program.

A user can restart the batch once the errors have been fixed.