Archived Legacy Data

enaio® 10.10 »

If archived legacy data that has been archived with virtual drivers is available in the event of an update to version 9.10, it can be addressed via the 'archive' microservice after adjusting the database accordingly. This is especially true for the archives iTernity/iCAS (old driver OXVARCIT) and DELL Centera / ECS (old driver OXVARCCE / OXVARCCM).


After configuring the microservice-based driver in enaio® enterprise-manager and before archiving new documents, you must replace the 'systemid' of the newly set up microservice driver (OXVARCMS.DLL) with the 'systemid' of the old driver (OXVARCC* or OXVARCIT) in the database ('varcsystems' table). Once the adjustments have been made, the old documents can then be retrieved via the new driver and new documents can be archived.