Configuring Workflows

enaio® webclient 10.10 »

In enaio® webclient, users can start preconfigured workflows, edit individual work items in processes, and forward them.

Users require the corresponding 'Client: Use workflow' system role to use the workflow functionalities of enaio® webclient. Workflows are modeled using enaio® editor-for-workflow.

The following settings are required:

Settings in the Workflow Management System

enaio® and its workflow management system each have their own user administration.

In order for users to be able to use the workflow functions, you must transfer each user into the workflow management system.

If there is a corresponding workflow user for the logged-in user, then the following workflow inboxes are shown in enaio® webclient: My incoming messages, Startable workflows, and Current workflows.

The administrator can define which client types (enaio® client, enaio® webclient, and enaio® editor-for-workflow) a model will be available in when modeling workflow models with enaio® mobile. The client types enaio® client and enaio® webclient are set up by default. Since enaio® webclient does not support all the functionalities of enaio® client, you can restrict your workflow models to certain client types.

You can apply restrictions to client types at the following levels:

  • You can define restrictions for the model and the workflow in general in model editor under Model properties/permissions.

    Enable enaio® webclient as a client type for model so that workflows for this model can be listed in Startable workflows and started from there.

  • You can define restrictions for applications that are assigned to activities under Applications/edit.

    Enable enaio® webclient as a client type for an application so that the work items linked to the application can be listed in the inbox and opened from there.

Scripts for enaio® webclient must be formulated in the JavaScript programming language. Enable syntax highlighting for the code editor in enaio® editor-for-workflow via the menu entry Syntax highlighting/JavaScript for this purpose.