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Objects can be linked.

If you mark the Check write protection option, users can only link objects if they have write access to both objects.

Details preview notes can be managed as text files in the file system or in the database.

The length of text files is not limited by enaio® client. The length of notes in the database depends on the maximum length of a database field of the database deployed.

If notes are managed in the database, users can search their contents and create notes for links using the 'Free text input when linking' function.

Notes can be managed in the database from version 4.10. Existing text files cannot be automatically transferred to the database. They can still be opened and edited. Existing text files will be stored in the database after editing when switching from the file system to the database. If a note is longer than the maximum length of a database field, it will be truncated.

System roles are necessary to view or edit notes.

Separate system roles are required for preview annotations.