enaio® services

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enaio® services are configured via enaio® services-admin.

This can be accessed in the browser at the following URL:


Default port: 7273

When installing enaio® service-manager, the connection data to enaio® server and the technical user with password are specified. These data are entered into the configuration files for the services.

enaio® services-admin

When enaio® services-admin is started, it shows all enaio® service-manager services and their state. If multiple instances of a service are included, they are grouped together.

If you click a service, a line is shown where you can use to restart the service. Clicking in this line opens the details page of the service. This contains service-specific links in the header such as links to the Swagger GUI with the API documentation.

UP Service is active.

Service is running, but not active.

One reason for this could be connection problems. The service will try to activate itself independently.


Service is not running.

The 'argus' service will regularly attempt to start the service.

UNKNOWN Unknown status

Services such as the 'mailstorage' EMS service, which are modified directly via the configuration file, must then be restarted using the Reload button. Services that are configured via enaio® services-admin will automatically be restarted when the changes are saved.

Service Information

Information on a chosen service is accessed via the menu on the left on the details page.

Details Detailed information on the service, status information on connected components.
Metrics Statistics about the number of central events.
Environment Information on profiles and configuration parameters.

Configuration data for services.

Logger Log level for packages of the service.
Thread dump

Create and download a memory image.

Head dump Create and download a memory image.