Displaying *.os Files

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OS files, that is, references to documents managed in enaio®, can be opened by double clicking them either in enaio® client or in enaio® webclient as a desktop application. This is the default settings for workstations with enaio® client. These are assigned to enaio® client or enaio® webclient as a desktop application by assigning an application with the file extension 'os' via the operating system settings. The user can define the default application via the 'Open with' function from the context menu.

If enaio® client is defined as an application and you press Ctrl (if necessary, until enaio® client is launched), the document is opened as a read-only file; if you press Shift, the index data will be opened. Pressing Ctrl+Shift will open the location.

enaio® webclient as a desktop application always opens with index data and the document preview.


Installing enaio® client will also install AxPreview.exe in the enaio® client installation directory. This application can show a preview of enaio® documents in the Windows Explorer preview window when an OS file is selected.

The AxPreview directory is where you will find the AxPreview.exe.config configuration file, which can be modified. You will also find the AxPreview.txt file with the commented parameters there.

The user is automatically logged in if NTLM authentication is activated and enaio® client is installed on the workstation.

Login data for a basic authentication can be entered in the configuration. Alternatively, they can be stored in the registry at the workstation. The password will be encrypted prior to storage to do so:

  • Open the command prompt from the \AxPreview directory and execute the following command:

  • axpreview User=username Password=userpassword