Confirming with a Password

enaio® webclient 10.10 »

In enaio®, some actions may require the user to provide confirmation by entering a password:

  • Forwarding something in workflows

  • Deleting subscription notifications

  • Labeling follow-ups as 'processed'

  • Confirming requests via script

For enaio® webclient and enaio® webclient as a desktop application, special configurations are required so that users who are logged in through NTLM can use the NTLM password to confirm these actions. The enaio® password is set as the default.


  • enaio® appconnector:

    enaio® appconnector must be installed on a server on which no enaio® services and microservices are installed.

    Check the enaio® appconnector URLs in enaio® enterprise-manager after installation.

  • enaio® enterprise-manager login:

    The following schema is used for configuration:

    Parameter Default (registry entry) Value Description

    Login order




    The first entry in the 'Login order' is 'A=Active Directory', other login types may follow.

    Abbreviations: L=LDAP; A = Active Directory; I=User administration with password; U=User administration without password.

    IP addresses for LoginPipe exceptions




    LoginPipe exceptions are configured for enaio® services and microservices so that they can be logged in through the enaio® user administration. The server addresses are specified as 'IP addresses for LoginPipe exceptions'.

    The enaio® appconnector address must not be specified there.

    This means that confirmation using enaio® appconnector is provided in the same way users log into enaio® webclient using the order of login (A=Active Directory) and not via the LoginPipe exceptions.

    Alternative LoginPipe



    I Default login that applies for enaio® services and microservices, but not for enaio® appconnector and therefore not for password confirmation.