Configuring the XML Module

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The XML module is used to manage XML data in the archive. XML data is allocated to style sheets to ensure it is displayed clearly in the browser being used.

You can assign any number of style sheets to each XML document type. One of them must be defined as the default style sheet. When opening an XML document, the default style sheet is used for display in enaio® client. You can select a different style sheet from the list of assigned style sheets.

Microsoft XML Parser 6.0 or higher is used. The library required for this purpose is saved to the system directory and registered when enaio® is installed.

In order to define that the XML module is not available for module-spanning document types, add the following entry to the \etc\as.cfg configuration file in the data directory:


Style Sheet Administration

Style sheets are assigned to document types by adding entries to the as.cfg file.

The as.cfg file is located in the \etc directory in the data directory. You can edit the file using any editor.

Style sheets must also have the object type of a document type. You can find the object type either in enaio® editor or in the object information in enaio® client.

Add the [XML] section to the as.cfg configuration file, specify the object types, and assign style sheets to them. The sequence in which the entries appear in the area is not important.



Use the object type to specify a document type and, as seen in the second line of the example above, assign all style sheets to it.

Enter the file name of each style sheet in a separate line. The file name is followed by the file type of the output file, separated by a semicolon. You can store the style sheets in the \etc\templates directory in the data directory.

You can optionally specify a default style sheet for each object type in a separate line.