enaio® administrator

enaio® 10.10 »

enaio® administrator is used to administer the enaio® enterprise content management system. Before enaio® administrator can be used, enaio® must be installed and enaio® server must be running.

Use enaio® administrator to

  • Set up users and configure various workstations.
  • Set up the security system. Assign access rights to archive objects and administrative applications of enaio®.
  • Configure templates and applications for Windows document types.
  • Manage audit-proof archiving. Archiving is an automatic action, which, once configured, can take place at specific times or in cycles.
  • Configure the import and export of data. enaio® provides numerous interfaces which can be used, for example, to access, import, and automatically index legacy data or data created in other systems.

enaio® administrator is started from the enaio® application group or the administration components directory.

After initial installation, log in with the default user account.

For security reasons, delete the default user account or change the password after having started enaio® administrator for the first time.

enaio® administrator blocks all data areas which are currently being edited. Other users can view such blocked data spaces but not edit them.