The 'oxsaplnk.cfg' Configuration File

enaio® 10.10 »

The oxsaplnk.cfg confienaio® repository-managerguration file is located in the installation directory. Communication between and the repositories is controlled with this file. There is a graphical interface for entering the basic settings: axvbRLinkConfig.exe.

The call axvbRLinkConfig.exe reenaio® serversults in errors if there is already a configured oxsaplnk.cfg in which the connection to a server other than the to be addressed is configured. An earlier oxsaplnk.cfg must be renamed or moved before the call.

Within the configuration file oxsaplnk.cfg there are different areas: [Globals], [Archive], [DB], [Repositories], [DbaseScan]. The various areas are to be configured partly for display and partly for storage of documents. The configuration is mostly made using the configuration tool axvbRLinkConfig.exe.