The Technical User for enaio® webclient

Valid for: enaio® version 10.0

The technical user is a enaio® user. Before enaio® webclient is installed, the technical user must be set up in enaio® administrator and given all the necessary system roles and access rights.

The technical user performs the following tasks:

  • Managing availability and access to the object types

    The access rights of an enaio® webclient user are based on where the access rights of the technical user and those of the logged-in user overlap. This means that an access right is only considered granted in enaio® webclient if it has been set for both the logged-in user and the technical user.

    An object type will only be shown in enaio® webclient if the access right Show index data is granted for this object type.

    For documents of the type Log, the technical user has the access rights Show index data and Output object. Accordingly, enaio® webclient users can view log documents, but cannot edit them, even if they as users also have the access rights Write index data and Write object.

    Clauses that relate to the access rights of the technical user are ignored by enaio® webclient – instead, the clauses that apply to the logged-in user are taken into account.

    The access rights of the technical user are also not taken into account for full-text queries. Only the access rights of the logged-in user apply here.

  • Managing and configuring enaio® webclient

    An administrator logs in to the administration console with the technical user to manage and configure enaio® webclient.