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The complete installation of enaio® is required. Installation of the DMS service is also required.


When using os_service-manager_setup.exe located in the \Backend\Service-Manager\ directory for the installation, the services are installed and updated.

Enable the 'repository-manager' service and, if not already installed, the DMS service during the installation.

The Service Manager Update located in the \Backend\ directory can also be used for updates. Further steps are required for updates, depending on the version of enaio® repository-manager.

Generally, a certificate for data consistency and security must be imported and integrated in enaio® service-manager and the repositorymanager-prod.yml configuration file and the SAP SSL configuration must be modified accordingly to communicate with SAP.

Default Settings

enaio® repository-manager is installed with the following default settings. Customizations, if necessary, should be performed before starting the services. Remember that YML files have a specific syntax.

Port 8010 is the default port for 'repository-manager' services. If you need to change the port, only do so in the servicewatcher-sw.yml file. You will need to restart enaio® service-manager afterward.
enaio® appconnector enaio® appconnector is expected to communicate over the same server (IP and over port 8060 by default. If this is not the case, then use the repositorymanager-prod.yml configuration file to customize the address.
Working directory

By default, the working directory is created by enaio® service-manager in the \rm\working-dir subdirectory of the data directory.

You can use the working-dir parameter of the repositorymanager-prod.yml configuration file to customize it.

The repositorymanager-prod.yml Configuration File

The repositorymanager-prod.yml configuration file is installed by enaio® service-manager in the \config directory during the installation. You can generally use the enaio® repository-manager interfaces to specify the mandatory parameters. Optional parameters can be entered in the configuration file using a text editor.

A configuration file with all parameters is available for download.

Parameters of the configuration file:

Parameter Type Description Sample value
repository-manager.working-dir String Working directory ${}\rm\working-dir
repository-manager.repositories.a-link String

The value is specified via the configuration interface.

Comma-separated list of the a-link repositories.

An individual entry consists of the enaio® cabinet name, pipe character, SAP repository name, pipe character.

repository-manager.repositories.ilm-link String

The value is specified via the configuration interface.

Comma-separated list of the ILM collections.

An individual entry consists of the enaio® cabinet name, pipe character, ILM collection name, pipe character.

ILM Collection|ILM|
repository-manager.propagate-retention Boolean

true: Retention times are assigned to the documents.

Default: false

repository-manager.logger.path String

Path to the directory for logs

repository-manager.logger.max-history Integer

Maximum retention time for the logs in days.

repository-manager.components.text String

List of formats for the document type for text documents

repository-manager.components.scanned String

List of formats for the document type for scanned documents

repository-manager.barcode.cntType2docType String

List of entries for the mapping of the barcode document type, separated by the pipe character.

Entries consist of enaio® content type, equals sign, SAP document type.

repository-manager.barcode.default-docType String

Default SAP document type, if there is no barcode mapping for the enaio® content type.

repository-manager.admin.password String

The value is changed via the configuration interface.

Password for the administrator. Default: optimal

enaio.osrest.server String IP address and port of the server on which enaio® appconnector is running
enaio.dms.username String Name of the technical user


Default: root

The technical user requires full access rights to the objects.

enaio.dms.server String IP address of the server on which the DMS service is running
enaio.dms.http.port Integer

Port of the DMS service

Default: 7981

repository-manager.set-archivable Boolean Documents in enaio® receive the 'Approved for archiving' property. Default: true true/false